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It is a golden opportunity to be a part of this institution.

Creative Lesson

Creativity can stimulate imaginative thinking capability in students. That is why teachers promote activities such as open-ended questions, creative team building activities.


The goal of all activities is to enhance student understanding, skill or effectiveness in a specific area by engaging multiple styles of learning, growing and enjoying together.

Qualified Teachers

We have fully certified teachers. Our dedicated teachers always strive to hard grind and build confidencde, responsibilities in students. Our teachers know their students well enough.


Welcome To Sunshine School

The Sunshine School was founded in 2001 by Mr. Jaydeep Bijalwan. The School located at Dehradun Sahaspur Selakui Sainthop Town is one of the popular schools in Dehradun. The school provide holistic education in a very reasonable fee and make the school a home away from home a place where children are crazy to return to. The pursuit of excellence encouraged at the school seats on the positive belief that every man has in him to produce work, the quality of which can be described as first class.

Our Activities

Indoor Games

Kids’ indoor games such as Monopoly, Chess and Ladders and Ludo challenge participants’ patience. While Ladders and Ludo are driven by luck, the quest for reaching the end point surely drains the mind and makes it stronger.

Drawing Class

Drawing is a curious process, so intertwined with the process of seeing that the two can hardly be separated. Ability to draw depends on ability to see the way an artist sees, and this kind of seeing can marvelously enrich the life of a child.


Debate is a process that involves formal discussion on a particular topic. Learning to acquire flair and eloquence to consider issues, ideas and motions. Debate is a process that involves formal discussion on a particular topic.

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